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Risk Modeling, Management, Evaluation, and Visualization

Development of risk management models in uncertain environments. It also involves the development of tools to quantify, evaluate and visualize risk in order to increase the cognitive capacity of managers to perceive risk in decision-making problems

Risk Analysis in Environmental Impacts, Climate Change, and Natural Disasters

Construction of models and decision-making methods for managing and mitigating natural disaster risks. It involves developing techniques for quantifying social, environmental, financial and operational risks to combat the effects of climate change in complex environments

Risk Analysis in Operations Management and Strategic Assets in Production Systems

Promotes improvements and innovation practices in the strategic management of assets and operations in industrial systems, considering the probabilistic dynamics of production behavior
Integrated Risk Analysis in Maintenance Engineering, Reliability and System Safety

Proposal of management and engineering procedures for maintenance, reliability and safety in industrial plants through the assessment of technological risks in decision analysis under uncertainty

Risk Modeling and Management in Health Systems

Use of risk analysis and assessment techniques to improve the management of health systems, taking into account aspects of uncertainty in medical and health practices



Marcelo Hazin Alencar

Coordinator of REASON
Assistant Professor (UFPE), Permanent Member | PPGEP and PPGEP-PRO UFPE and Collaborating Member | PPGEP-CAA UFPE
CNPq Research Productivity Fellow – Level 2


Rodrigo José Pires Ferreira

Vice-coordinator of REASON
Associate Professor (UFPE) and Permanent Member | PPGEP-PRO UFPE


Lucas Borges Leal da Silva

Assistant Professor – Department of Production Engineering (UFRN) and Permanent Member | PPGA UFRN


Ramon Swell Gomes Rodrigues Casado

Assistant Professor (UFPE-CAA)

Thalles Vitelli Garcez

Assistant Professor (UFPE-CAA) and Permanent Member (PPGEP-CAA)

Cristina Pereira Medeiros

Assistant Professor (UFPE-CAA)

Maria Clara Fava

Assistant Professor – Department of Civil Engineering (DECiv/UFSCar)